Covid-19 Updates

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As of Oct 22, we are available for:
* Work-related events up to 30 pax (room2f's safe capacity).

* Solemnisation / Wedding ceremonies & receptions up to 45 pax  (room2f's safe capacity).
* Social Gatherings up to 5 pax
* Live Streaming / Filming / Video Productions (IMDA's guidelines to apply)

* Photoshoots / Product Shoots

Work-related Events

What is considered a work-related event? Some examples of work-related events are as follows: 

• Work meetings (e.g. among colleagues or with external parties) 
• Training 
• Board meetings 
• HR talks (e.g. onboarding, retrenchment exercises) 
• Townhalls 
• Seminars 
• Corporate retreats 
• Conferences on business strategies, workplaces and reviews 
• Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meetings 
• Tender briefings to vendors 
• Award ceremonies


Enjoy the space with a peace-of-mind

Safety Measures Taken For Every Booking:


  • True HEPA air purifiers with UVC steriliser to capture and kill off viruses in the air.

  • Dehumidifiers to maintain optimal humidity, reducing risks of transmission.

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of furniture and touch points.

  • Hand Sanitisers on each table and next to every activity station (magazine library, board games, arcade machine, puzzles).

  • Alcohol swabs available for sanitisation of microphones after each use.

  • Ample space to safe distance small group events.

  • Staff are expected to take their temperature before each event.

Venue Hire / Events

Mon - Sun : 8am - 11pm
(please enquire)


12pm to 6pm
(please check the calendar for weekly walk-in timings)

Tue - Fri : 9am - 5pm

Sat - Sun : 12pm - 8pm