Scenes from Open Mic Lah #3! - 27 May 2019

Presenting the performers!

📢 Jay Yeo Aka Killedbythecircus

Killedbythecircus is the stage name of Jay Yeo Ming Jun and the personification of his craft and passion. It is an embodiment of his unfettered emotion, inconvenient and non -conforming.

The gamut of emotion is likewise expressed in an unrestrained clash and fusion of pop, indie and rock, not quite belonging to any of these labels yet familiar all the same.

Earlier this year, #killedbythecircus released his first single, “Doubts”, which forms part of his debut EP. This is a journey of heartbreak, sorrow, hope, affection, liberation, faith, consolation and love, and you’re welcome to take part in it.

📢 Jia Yuer 周佳月

Writing her own Originals has been a norm for Jia Yuer. She has already written more then 100 songs thus far. Which story will she tell with her songs? Let’s stay tuned!

📢 Cjing CJing 靖

Cjing has this ability to captivate his audience as he share his passion for song writing. We really enjoyed the songs that Cjing sang during the previous open mic and we can’t wait to hear more new originals from Cjing!

📢 Jerel 黄威傑 @jerelnggg

Jerel started singing and writing his own songs last year after joining the Chinese Music Culture Club in SP. Just recently, he released his very first single , 曾經. Being his own producer, we cant wait to hear more from Jerel.

📢 Don Shiau @thefuturenear

Don has been active in the open mic scene since 2012, and has been writing songs for over 15 years. He also plays with local instrumental band Babushka. They have performed at the Singapore Night Festival, the Night to Light Festival, and at Esplanade Concourse.

Together with our partner Room2F 二楼前座, we believe that every singer-songwriter needs a place to kickstart their career, and that with practice and constructive comments, will eventually grow and hone their skills as a musician 😊


🎶 Open Mic Lah! 開麥啦 - Originals Only Open Mic 🎶: .

27th May 2019, Monday

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Location: Room2F

Entry: $6/pax (waived for performers)


* Total of 5 slots available

* Reporting time for all performers @ 7pm

* Only original works to be presented

* Each performer has a 10-minute slot to showcase their works


💌 DM us for the sign-up link! More details available in the sign-up form

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