Workshop by Hoppinghope


Date: 2 Mar (Sat)

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Venue: Living Room @ Room2F

Fees: $100/pax or $195/pair

* To register, DM hoppinghope_ on instagram
* the living room remains open to the public


Started in 2017, Hoppinghope began as a hobby.


Calligraphy and doodling never fails to bring joy and fun to our life.


We believe that happiness is contagious and are pleased to spread love to everyone by sharing our passion and ideas through workshop, crafts and designs. 

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Contact the instructor:

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting.

If you are a beginner, brush calligraphy is a fun way to get your started.

Brush calligraphy is more casual than most forms of calligraphy. It is also a great way to develop patience and release stress or anxiety in life. Through practice, anyone can create beautiful script. No experience is required.

What would you learn?


It will be a 3-hour workshop in a relaxing and casual setting. Tools and techniques of modern brush calligraphy will be introduced in the lesson. After some practice, you would get to develop your own style and create your very personal masterpiece. Template would be given as a guide too.


At the end of the workshop:


You will bring home worksheets, brush pens, guide book for your practice and your unique artwork that you have produced in class. 

ROOM2F Terms & Conditions:


  • Room2F is a workshop venue provider and will not be liable for the satisfaction of the workshop presented.

  • All payments made are direct to the workshop instructor. Therefore, no refunds or changes in schedule are to be sought from Room2F. Please contact the instructor directly if you have any queries or issues.