#BYOG (Bring Your Own Guitar)

Endgame Survivor: Guitar Workshop Edition
workshop by City Music x Playground Studio


Date: 8 June (Sat)

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Venue: Living Room @ Room2F

Fees: $20/pax (register now) or 
           $30/pax (at the door)

* living room remains open for walk-in

* Receive a goodie bag worth $50
  (with guitar care accessories & strings)

Playground Studio

Started by a group of musicians, Playground Studio has been an advocate for the local indie scene since 1998.

We do music productions, hold music festivals, and conduct music courses.

With a background in music education and real-life experience as music professionals, we aspire to nurture the future generation of musicians and guide them to a sustainable career in music.

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Guitar Owners Alert!
Bring Your Own Guitar #BYOG to the Workshop and learn

Survival Skills for Maintaining Your Beloved Guitar


Always had issues handling your guitar in Singapore's humid weather?


Never seemed to get the perfect guitar strings to fit your fingers/the tone you want?


Need some lifehacks in removing sweat stains off your guitar?

#BYOG (Bring Your Own Guitar) Guitar Workshop is a personalised and hands-on intimate workshop with City Music Singapore's entourage of product advisors to provide one-on-one assistance for all aged participants.

Started as a restring event in May 2019, we've noted from general feedback and social media polls that there is a severe lack of education in guitar maintenance, servicing and generally, being hands-on in guitar care post-purchase.

This event aims to teach and bring a new perspective on how anyone can make their own guitar look and sound mint showroom condition.

*only acoustic guitars (we accept in-house or external brands)


*Each pre-sale reservation includes: 

  • A goodie bags with guitar care accessories and strings worth $50

  • 15% discount coupon in Acoustic Guitars purchase at City Music (Limited Time Only)

  • Attendees with Avengers-themed tees/masks receives a randomized guitar accessory*

Brief Programme Itinerary

  1. Introduction and Education about Guitar Parts 

  2. Introduction and Education Types of Strings (Gauges, Tone, Types) based on Martin Strings and Ghs

  3. Showcase of standard 10-Step Guitar Set-up by City Music Singapore

  4. 10-Step hands-on Guitar Set-up with attendees

  5. Q&A


Established in 1968, City Music is a distributor and retailer of musical instrument and professional audio products in Singapore for over 50 years. City Music's product range includes keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars and basses, instrument amplifiers, effects processors, sound reinforcement systems, mixers, and recording equipment for film and broadcast. 

City Music is also the parent company of subsidiary CK Music Sdn Bhd, which has over 30 years experience in distribution and retailing professional audio and musical instrument products in Malaysia. 

ROOM2F Terms & Conditions:


  • Room2F is a workshop venue provider and will not be liable for the satisfaction of the workshop presented.

  • All payments made are direct to the workshop instructor. Therefore, no refunds or changes in schedule are to be sought from Room2F. Please contact the instructor directly if you have any queries or issues.