course organised by Playground Studio


Date: Tuesdays (Starting 2nd July)

Duration: 12 lessons x 1.5 hours

Time: 730pm

Venue: Room2F

Fees: $720 for 12 lessons

*$20 registration fee applies

Playground Studio

Started by a group of musicians, Playground Studio has been an advocate for the local indie scene since 1998.

We do music productions, hold music festivals, and conduct music courses.

With a background in music education and real-life experience as music professionals, we aspire to nurture the future generation of musicians and guide them to a sustainable career in music.

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Do you want to produce music and arrange songs without

wasting hundreds of dollars on a software?


Do you wonder how a guitarist like yourself can
effectively arrange a piece of music?

This course is a complete guide to GarageBand for aspiring arrangers or for people who simply want to learn to make music and record on a software. It's designed for beginners who don't have any prior knowledge on music production or music production software.

We will go through the GarageBand interface, how we can use it to record audio, using the library patches, drummer editor, and basic mixing to make the song sound good. Arrangement concepts and tools on how to even begin arranging step by step will be covered in this course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create and arrange your own music using Garageband.

Who this course is for:


  • Music Creators

  • Singer/Songwriter/Composer who want to arrange their music

  • Guitarists looking to start producing music but who have little knowledge about music production softwares.


What you will learn:

  • Music Arrangement concepts

  • Using Garageband to record guitar

  • Using Session Drums and other Garageband tools as an arranger

  • MIDI programming of Bass and other instruments

  • Different Guitar effects plug-in and how to apply

  • Be able to finish an arrangement project on your own

  • How to mix and sound good for your song

Technical Requirements:


  • GarageBand Software

  • MacBook

  • Audio Interface (provided during lesson times only)

  • Headphones/ Earphones

  • Guitar that can be plugged in (provided during lesson times only)


Musical Requirements:

  • Be able to Play and Read chords on a Guitar

  • Basic Music and Chord Theory


Guitarist, Arranger, Producer, Music Instructor

Prue Chew is a guitarist, arranger and producer based in Singapore. Having graduated from Diploma in Music and Audio Technology course in Singapore Poly as well as a Bachelor’s Degree from LaSalle College of the Arts in Music, she currently works with many local artiste like Ming Bridges, 鄭錦安, 啊飄, Goose, Stellavee, Geraldine See.

She believes that music learning should be fun and wants to share her experience in music arrangement as a guitarist.

ROOM2F Terms & Conditions:


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  • All payments made are direct to the workshop instructor. Therefore, no refunds or changes in schedule are to be sought from Room2F. Please contact the instructor directly if you have any queries or issues.